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BODY: What Is Obesity?

Modern society is obsessed with weight. And yet many people don’t even fully understand what it means to be overweight, let alone obese or even underweight. Every day we are bombarded with conflicting messages about weight.

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MIND: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

“Keeping in the habit of using deep breathing, yoga, meditation, sports, music therapy or whatever other stress-reducing exercise you enjoy will be of great benefit during high-stress times.”

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NUTRITION: Satisfying Foods

Have you ever eaten an entire meal and by the time you stood up from the table you were wishing for more because you weren’t satisfied? Some foods are better at satiating you than are others. Here are five healthy foods that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied so you can make it to the next meal without needing to visit the vending machine at work for an unhealthy snack.

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FITNESS: No More Excuses

Forming a new habit can take up to six weeks of commitment. Whether you want to get into the routine of exercising more often or you want to stop stopping at your local on your way home from work, it can take a month and half for that routine to become a habit. At this point, not working out will feel harder than going to the gym. When you begin something new, six weeks can feel like a very long time. But the more committed you are, the faster the days will go by. Here are a few tips for helping you stick with your new exercise routine until it is cemented into a habit.

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HEALTH: The Cold War

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is cold and flu season. But the rise in illness that comes with cold weather isn’t necessarily due to the dropping temperatures. Cold weather alone does not cause any illness. The reasons why people tend to get sick during the winter actually have far more to do with sunlight, living conditions and germs than they do with outdoor temperatures.

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NUTRITION: The Healing Power Of Tea

The healing power of tea was first discovered more than 4,000 years ago when the emperor of China, Shennong, claimed in The Divine Farmer’s Herb-Root Classic that certain tea infusions were useful for treating a variety of health conditions, including abscesses, bladder problems and lethargy. According to modern science and recent research, the emperor may have been on to something. Teas contain high concentrations of a variety of nutrients we know to have health boosting properties. Read on to discover the science behind Shennong’s observations.

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NUTRITION: Foods That Fight Stress

People who continuously feel too much stress in their lives tend to have an increased risk of developing many health problems. From smaller problems such as muscle tension, headaches and irritability to much more serious issues including cardiovascular disease and cancer, high stress levels are affecting your body.

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HEALTH: Healthy Ageing

Just as humans have a natural life span, so does each of the trillions of cells in our bodies. While many people tend to think of ageing as a process from the outside in (I see the changes of age on my skin, so my cells on the inside must be ageing too), the opposite is more correct. We age visibly on the outside because of what is going on inside. As our internal cells age, it becomes more and more visible on the outside – the area we see physically.

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MIND: How To Beat The Winter Blues

The cold weather and shorter days of winter do not mean you have to give in to feelings of sadness and depression. When you find your mood starts to drop, keep in mind that a little extra sunshine and an hour of exercise followed by a nutritious meal eaten in good company may be the perfect recipe for chasing away the winter blues.

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FITNESS: Hydration 101

Humans cannot survive more than just a few days without water. The more active your lifestyle, the faster your body will lose water. But even people who are only moderately active could benefit from drinking more water.

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