Beauty is more than skin deep, and true beauty is not achievable without good health.

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We’ve all heard the saying that ‘beauty comes from within’, and this really couldn’t be truer. Just like any other part of your body, your skin has many nutritional needs, and that nutrition comes from the foods that we put into our body. With nutrition, our wellness, and therefore our beauty starts deep within our cells. Your skin is actually the last place to see the benefits of being stress free; having good nutrition; a body that is hydrated; having slept well; and that exercise after glow – as it is the most outer part of our body. So, if we want younger, healthier, glowing looking skin we really do have to consider that – We are what we eat!

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You probably already know the three most talked about ways to ensure youthful skin: Protect your skin from the sun, don’t smoke, and eat a healthy diet. However, different vitamins and minerals can be particularly good for your skin, helping to rejuvenate it and restore your healthy glow. Some nutrients even serve as antioxidants, which help to reduce the ageing effects of the environment on our skin. Just like any other part of our body, the skin wants to heal…we just have to give it the right conditions.

So, remember that great feeling when you’ve lost a little weight, had a new haircut or bought a new outfit – you know you look good, but boy doesn’t it make you feel good! That sudden rush makes us more confident, maybe walk a little taller and smile a little more!! But it also goes both ways…when you feel good, you also look good…naturally!!


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