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Vitamin and mineral supplementation continues to be an issue amongst most health care professionals. The common cry of the medical community is that vitamins and minerals are adequately available from our food. However it is hard to appreciate the credibility of this advice, when it is delivered from a doctor who has little or no nutritional training.

The inconvenient reality is that food ‘ain’t what it used to be’. The marvel of modern agriculture has robbed our soils of essential minerals and consequently, therefore our plants are deficient in these nutrients too. As natural health expert Charlotte Gerson explains; plants need over fifty vitamins and minerals, yet our abused and overused soils only typically receive phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. If our plants are vitamin and mineral deficient and we cannot manufacture these essential compounds ourselves, then our bodies are too!

Most of us are opting to eat as best we can however the majority of people fail to eat even the bare minimum required fruit and vegetable servings. This is worrying when you consider that even those who do are probably also missing key nutrients. Importantly, supplementation is not a substitute for a healthy diet. But until we can replenish our soils and eat produce freshly picked in season, supplementation can be a tool to help ourselves, for the shameful lack of nutrients in our foods.

There are countless studies showing that by simply increasing your vitamin and mineral intake you can promote mental clarity, weight loss, boost your immunity, improve your skin, reduce stress, prevent cancer and other diseases, combat depression, lower blood pressure, reduce cravings, increase energy levels, improve sleep, and regulate digestion. Given this information is it little wonder that many experts now advise that an all-round supplementation program, in conjunction with a healthy diet, is a savvy health choice!

Orthomolecular Treatment orthomolecular_health

Orthomolecular medicine is the next stage on from daily supplementation and is the use of high doses of vitamins, minerals, or hormones to prevent and treat a wide variety of conditions. The doses are well above the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and may be used along with special diets and conventional treatment.

Orthomolecular medicine is promoted to help people with depression, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric illnesses; Parkinson’s disease; shingles; irritable bowel syndrome; cancer; alcoholism; colds; heart disease; hay fever; pneumonia; bruises; acne; eczema; bug bites; cold sores; chronic fatigue syndrome; and many other health problems.

Supporters believe poor nutrition and refined foods are at the root of many of these illnesses. Proponents of this therapy believe that conventional medicine is toxic to the body and potentially harmful. They prefer vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other substances that are considered to be “natural.

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