It gets you fit, soothes your mind, boosts your mood – and it’s free!

Taking your workout outdoors is more than just a way to break out of the routine you might feel stuck in at the gym or studio. It will expose you to fresh air and sunlight, which will leave you feeling invigorated in ways the gym simply can’t. Whether you realize it or not, our bodies are conditioned from centuries of life spent outdoors, and reconnecting with nature during your workout will leave you feeling good inside and out while toning your body and improving your health.


Walking is one of the most underrated health secrets around and it does everything from helping you to lose weight to reducing your risk of diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. However, walking incorrectly can strain your body and make it unbalanced, which eventually can lead to back and joint pain. But with just two weeks of walking properly, you can tone up, improve your mood and also reduce your stress levels. 164554_484067191259_1676647_n

There are four areas of the body to focus on when walking: feet, hips,shoulders/neck  and arms. Feet should roll from the heel to the toe; Hips will elevate as you lengthen through the waist and contract your Abs slightly; Shoulders should be rolled back and down and then the neck will naturally lengthen; Arms should be used to control your speed, be relaxed and swing in opposition to your feet.

By walking at least 45 minutes four times a week at an upbeat pace, you could lose up to 18lbs in a year without changing your diet. Other benefits include:

– Busting depression, by raising serotonin levels, being outside in nature and boosting vitamin D levels from natural light.

– Heart Helping,just 3 hours of brisk walking a week will dramatically reduce your risk of coronary heart disease.

– IBS Soother, moderate walking soothes IBS aggravating stress, which eases the symptoms.

– Breast Cancer Preventer, walking briskly for 5 hours a week could cut your risk of breast cancer by 10%.

– Bone Booster, because walking is low impact it’s the perfect way to preserve the bone mass that may be lost in osteoporosis.


Whether your walking is roaming the countryside, hiking up a mountain, taking the dog for a stroll or pounding the pavements in your lunch hour, just remember that something is better than nothing – so breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh air!

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