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HEALTH: The Cold War

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is cold and flu season. But the rise in illness that comes with cold weather isn’t necessarily due to the dropping temperatures. Cold weather alone does not cause any illness. The reasons why people tend to get sick during the winter actually have far more to do with sunlight, living conditions and germs than they do with outdoor temperatures.

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NUTRITION: The Healing Power Of Tea

The healing power of tea was first discovered more than 4,000 years ago when the emperor of China, Shennong, claimed in The Divine Farmer’s Herb-Root Classic that certain tea infusions were useful for treating a variety of health conditions, including abscesses, bladder problems and lethargy. According to modern science and recent research, the emperor may have been on to something. Teas contain high concentrations of a variety of nutrients we know to have health boosting properties. Read on to discover the science behind Shennong’s observations.

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NUTRITION: Foods That Fight Stress

People who continuously feel too much stress in their lives tend to have an increased risk of developing many health problems. From smaller problems such as muscle tension, headaches and irritability to much more serious issues including cardiovascular disease and cancer, high stress levels are affecting your body.

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HEALTH: Healthy Ageing

Just as humans have a natural life span, so does each of the trillions of cells in our bodies. While many people tend to think of ageing as a process from the outside in (I see the changes of age on my skin, so my cells on the inside must be ageing too), the opposite is more correct. We age visibly on the outside because of what is going on inside. As our internal cells age, it becomes more and more visible on the outside – the area we see physically.

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FITNESS: Hydration 101

Humans cannot survive more than just a few days without water. The more active your lifestyle, the faster your body will lose water. But even people who are only moderately active could benefit from drinking more water.

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SUPPLEMENTS: The Miracle of Antioxidants

What are Antioxidants?

Compounds that protect our cells and tissues from damaging interactions with oxygen Free-Radicals. Well known antioxidant nutrients include A, C, E, zinc, selenium and betacarotene. These nutrients bolster the action of our natural defence enzymes.

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Nutrition: Food Pairings That Boost Nutrition

“The next time you want a truly bone-healthy snack that offers maximum nutritional value, try combining a calcium-rich, low-fat dairy product with nuts, oatmeal, fortified cereal or other foods that contain magnesium.”

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Update Your Breakfast

Research shows that eating breakfast can boost your metabolism, keep your blood sugar steady and give you energy throughout the day. One study showed that obesity and insulin resistance rates were 35-50 per cent lower among people who ate breakfast every day, compared to those who didn’t.

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