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SUPPLEMENTS: The Miracle of Antioxidants

What are Antioxidants?

Compounds that protect our cells and tissues from damaging interactions with oxygen Free-Radicals. Well known antioxidant nutrients include A, C, E, zinc, selenium and betacarotene. These nutrients bolster the action of our natural defence enzymes.

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Nutrition: Food Pairings That Boost Nutrition

“The next time you want a truly bone-healthy snack that offers maximum nutritional value, try combining a calcium-rich, low-fat dairy product with nuts, oatmeal, fortified cereal or other foods that contain magnesium.”

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Yoga for better sex?

It soothes stress, helps you relax and makes you flexible- but you knew that. But yoga can also help you in ways that you might find surprising……

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New to Yogalates?

Have you tended to shy away from Yoga or Pilates because you think it’s for the super bendy? Or it may be too slow going? Then Yogalates might be just for you

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How and why I came to be teaching Yogalates on Mallorca…….by Sam Pope

The Rat Race to Retreats

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